CSR - Seasonal, Full Time Hours

Ohio, Dalton
Corporate Headquarters
Depends on Experience 

NOTE: This is a SEASONAL position, but is scheduled to work full time hours (40 hours per week) through the assignment period.

Position Summary & Purpose:       

The Customer Service Representative (CSR) will be the point of contact for all customers utilizing Lehman’s Direct Sales and/or order inquiry.  The Customer Service Representative (CSR) will interact with customers in order to provide information in response to inquiries about product specifications, order tracking, order placement and services as well as resolution of consumer concerns and conflicts. The Customer Service Representative (CSR) will be responsible for selling merchandise and related accessories across all Lehman’s product lines and will also be responsible in obtaining and maintain product certifications in order to provide accurate information and excellent customer service for all Lehman’s customers. The Customer Service Representative (CSR) will assist the Direct Sales team members in creating a memorable customer experience by engaging the customer in a positive and helpful manner by offering accurate and relevant information in a manner focused on providing exceptional customer service and creating an outstanding first impression. 

Duties & Responsibilities:

  •   Customer Service – The Customer Service Representative (CSR) will be expected to actively participate in multiple divisions within the Customer Service Department.
    ?  The CSR’s duties can be any portion in whole, or in part; or any combination thereof, consisting of the duties listed below:
    •   Telephone – inbound and outbound calling
    •   Confer with customers in order to:
      •         Provide information about products and services
      •         Place/modify ordersNOTE:
      •         Cancel orders
      •         Track shipments
      •         Address concerns
      •         Obtain, modify, track and/or cancel payment
    •   Contact customers to notify of:
      •         Temporary out of stock or held items
      •         Claim/Warranty Investigations
      •         Receipt of returned items
      •         Follow up to customer concerns
  •   Catalog / Mail Inquiries
    •   Receive and process all orders, inquiries, correspondence received via mail from consumers and distribute to appropriate departments if not a product inquiry
      ?  or order
    •   E-commerce/Marketplaces
    •   Receive and process all orders placed via web entry either from Lehman’s web site or various other e-commerce locations
  •   Returns
    •   Receive and document all returns and apply credits to appropriate customer accounts and locations
    •   Begin warranty/claim process as needed for defective merchandise
  •   Wholesale
    •   Assist with research, development, ordering, follow up, billing and other duties as assigned while working with the wholesale division
  •   “Live Chat” – interact with customers via Live Chat program to assist with orders, product inquiries, etc.     
  •    Multi-Tasking – Ability to perform multiple tasks at one time such as but not limited to:
    •   Talking to a customer on the telephone while inputting their order into the Lehman’s computer system
    •   Answering a customer question via telephone and live chat at the same time
    •   Answering a customer question via telephone and processing incoming customer  mail/email
  •   Grievance Resolution – receive, process and resolve customer grievances with products or persons by using active listening techniques and getting to the root of the grievance.  If the CSR is unable to resolve the grievance on his/her own, then he/she will refer the customer to the appropriate person/department for resolution.
  • Accurate Record Keeping – of customer interactions, transactions, inquiries, concerns, resolutions, actions taken, etc. for future reference
  • Customer Billing and Confidentiality – ability to process billing errors, refunds, exchanges and purchases via access to customer’s personal banking.  Must be able to keep customer’s personal information private and adhere to confidential banking standards and regulations.  Personal banking information is considered:
    •   Credit Card
    •   Bank information
    •   Etc.
  • · Reporting – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly
    •   Daily Balancing
    •   Batching
    •   Checks
    •   Credit/Debits
    •   Sales
    •   Inventory
    •   Holds
    •   Shipping Costs
  • · Physical  Responsibilities
    •   Ability to work in a controlled, indoor environment
    •   Ability to remain in a stationary position for long periods at a time
    •   Ability to use a personal computer and telephone      
  • ·  Misc. Administrative Duties; which can include but are not limited to:
    •   Composing and distributing backorder letters, follow-up and order investigation
    •   Processing Wholesale Division calls, orders and freight quotes
    •   Processing damages claims and/or warranty issues
    •   Creating Purchase Orders (PO’s) and SKU’s for resale merchandise
    •   Review and assess need for non-inventory items and place order when need is validated
    •   Setup of individual phone/voicemail for incoming or moving employees                                                                 
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Education
    •   Minimum of an Eighth (8th) Grade education
    •   High School Diploma or GED preferred
  • Experience
    •   Minimum experience required for this position 0-6months prior customer service experience (call center experience preferred but not mandatory)
    •   Lehman’s will provide on-the-job training to qualified applicants
  • Certifications – Permanent Full and Part Time Employees Only
    • ·  Must be able to obtain and maintain various Lehman’s product certifications
  • Travel – not a job requirement
  • Time Management – the ability to manage one’s own time and prioritize projects
  • Scheduling
    •   Must be willing and able to work assigned shift/schedule/provisory period as defined by supervision based on staffing needs
    •   Must be able to provide reliable transportation for self to and from assigned worksite(s). Transportation can include but is not limited to self-transport, car-
        pooling, hired drivers, horse & buggy, bicycle, etc.  Neither Lehman’s nor Lehman’s supervision is responsible for securing or providing reliable transportation
      ?  for this position.
    • Dependability - must be willing and able to maintain proper attendance and punctuality standards; must be reliable, responsible and fulfill all employment obligations
  • Language
    • English – must be able to communicate fluently and understand the English language utilizing any and all forms of communication (written, verbal, visual, etc.)
    • Dutch (Pennsylvania Dutch) – not a necessary job requirement, but helpful in dealing with Amish visitors/customers
  • Skills
    • Interpersonal skills which include but are not limited to:
    • Extrovert/Social – being able to initiate customer engagement and continue in the engagement until the end resulting in a positive experience with the customer  Examples include but are not limited to:
    • Assessment of customer needs
    • Meeting quality standards for service
    • Evaluation of customer satisfaction
    • Notice and appropriately interpret social cues when interacting with Lehman’s customers
    • Creativity – being able to interpret customer’s needs, or assess customer confusion and explain situation or assembly technique in a different way for better clarity or a new perspective for customer
    • Fiscal responsibility – working within monetary guidelines for all projects
    • Integrity – adhere to moral/ethical principles established by the corporate culture
    • Fairness – adhering to the principals of being non-biased and just
    • Trustworthy – deserving of trust and/or confidence, dependable, reliable
    • Strong Work Ethic – adhering to the moral benefit and importance of work and its inherent ability to strengthen character
    • Self-Control – being able to maintain an appropriate and calm composure, keeping emotions in check, controlling anger and avoiding aggressive behaviors in all situations
    • Stress Tolerance – accepting criticism and dealing calmly and effectively with high stress situations
    • Initiative – willingness to take on responsibilities and challenges
    • Attention to Detail – thorough in completing work tasks
    • Cooperation – being pleasant with others while on the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitude
    • Independence – self-guided, ability to work with little or no supervision and complete tasks/projects; closely related to Initiative and Work Ethic
    • Adaptability/Flexibility – being open to change (positive or negative) and to considerable variety in the workplace
    • Training Skills which include but are not limited to:
      •   Study and maintain up-to-date product knowledge and installation instructions
      •   Reading, understanding, interpreting and training crew members in regards to up-to-date product knowledge and installation instructions
      •   Ability to learn, understand, transfer and/or relay information pertaining to Lehman’s products to customers and/or crew members
      •   Ability to effectively convey and train crew members in Lehman’s business practices, and the safe installation of Lehman’s products in an appropriate environment conducive to learning and retention
    • Physical skills which include but are not limited to:
    • Motor Skills - the ability to use fine and gross motor skills to complete phone calls and utilize office equipment (example: to use a telephone and computer).
    • Dexterity – skill of being able to  use hands, feet, eyes, body in coordination with each other to complete a given project or task
    • Safety – the ability to observe gauges, dials, or other indicators, whether analog or digital, to make sure appliance is working properly
    • Mental skills which include but are not limited to:
      • Computation – the act, process or method of using/performing calculations
      • Analytical – the ability to process information in a logical way
      • Communicative – the ability to interacting with and relay pertinent information to a variety of individuals in a variety of ways (written, verbal, visual, etc.)
      • Ability to multi-task.
    • Technical/Electronic skills which include but are not limited to:
      •   The ability to learn and correctly operate a personal computer
      •   The ability to learn and correctly operate a credit card reader
      •   The ability to learn and correctly operate a computer to:
      •   Enter customer information
      •   Look up customer order related information
      •   Use email to read and write business correspondence
      •   Read and respond to employee related news, policies, updates, etc.
      •   Ability to add, subtract, multiply and/or divide quickly and correctly with or without electronic assistance (i.e. calculator)
      •   The ability to learn and correctly operate various computer software programs directly pertaining to the ability to perform ones job appropriately