Full Time Visitor Support Specialist Housewares

Kidron, OH
Depends on Experience 

Position Summary & Purpose 
Visitor Support Specialists are primary points of contact for visitors at Lehman’s retail store by assisting them  
in locating merchandise, answering questions about Lehman’s and Lehman’s products, as well as directing 
them to store activities and store areas. Along with the rest of the Kidron Store staff, Visitor Support 
Specialists will assist in creating a memorable visitor experience by engaging with customers in a friendly 
manner and by providing excellent customer service. 

Duties & Responsibilities 
• Walk through the store with the purpose of actively engaging customers and offering assistance 
• Be present and easily visible and accessible to visitors who may have questions or need assistance 
• Assist with questions regarding Lehman’s, Lehman’s products, Amish Country, and more 
• Provide directions to areas of the store such as a specific department, restrooms, checkouts, the Café, 
special activities, etc. 
• Cross-train in all departments of the store to be able to efficiently and effectively assist visitors 
o Will be assigned a primary area of responsibility and coverage, but may be needed to “cover” 
other areas of the store when staff shortages occur or “over-flow” as other Visitor Support 
Specialists may be actively involved with assisting customers in their area 
• Provide coverage for all departments as well as the Customer Service desk when needed 
• Provide excellent customer service and work to ensure all visitors have a pleasant shopping experience 
• Other duties as assigned 

Education: Minimum of an 8th Grade education  
Experience: Minimum experience required is 0-6 months in a customer service, retail and/or customer-centered 
environment; familiarity with Lehman’s line of merchandise is a plus, but not required to apply 
• Language: 
o English – must be able to communicate fluently and understand the English language, utilizing any and 
all forms of communication (written, verbal, visual, etc.) 
o Language - Dutch (Pennsylvania Dutch) – not a necessary job requirement, but helpful in dealing with 
Amish visitors/customers 
• Extrovert/Social – being able to initiate and continue visitor engagement, resulting in a positive experience with 
the visitors; examples include but are not limited to: 
o First engagement – initiate customer interaction/engage customer 
o Assessment of customer needs 
o Meeting quality standards for service 
o Evaluation of customer satisfaction 
o Notice and appropriately interpret social cues when interacting with Lehman’s customers 
• Active Listening – the ability to give full attention to what other individuals are saying, taking time to understand 
the point(s) being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times 
• Speaking – ability to use words to appropriately express thoughts, feelings, opinions, directions, etc. 
• Reading/Writing – the ability to look at, use, and understand the meaning of letters, words and/or symbols as 
they pertain to Lehman’s computing systems and documents related to order processing 
• Comprehension – the ability to grasp the nature, significance and/or meaning of written, spoken or visual cues 
as they pertain to Lehman’s computing systems and interactions with Lehman’s employees 

Physical Skills & Requirements 
Physical skills which include but are not limited to: 
• Motor Skills - the ability to use fine and gross motor skills to complete projects (example: using fingers to pick up string or 
using hands, legs and back to lift a package from the floor) 
• Dexterity – skill of being able to use hands, feet, eyes, body in coordination with each other to complete project or task 
• Safety – the ability to observe gauges, dials, or other indicators, whether analog or digital, to make sure appliance is 
working properly 
The following physical requirements will be conditions in which Visitor Support Specialists may find themselves during a 
normal work day/week/month.  These physical requirements can be considered continuous (90-100%), frequent (40-
89%), occasional (11-39%) or rare (less than 1-10%), and can be any combination thereof during a work 
Stationary Position - Ability to remain in a stationary position for extended periods of time while interacting with 
visitors, doing paperwork, working on the computer, or working on other projects 
Move, Transverse  - Ability to move about inside the Store and warehouse areas. Ability to maneuver and transverse 
over varying heights and mediums of walkways, paths, work areas, etc. safely 
Ascend, Descend, Work Atop - Ability to ascend/descend ladder and stairs, work atop elevated areas, etc. to perform essential 
and occasional job duties 
Position - Ability to position self and move about in confined spaces or work areas 

Transport, Install, Position - Ability to transport items from one location to another, with or without mechanical or physical 
assistance; ability to lift objects weighing up to 25 pounds alone from the floor to a height of 3-4 
feet; ability to move/lift items from waist height to overhead; ability to move/lift items from 
overhead to waist height or floor position 

Additional Skills 
Additional skills include but are not limited to: 
• Technical/Electronic skills which include but are not limited to, the ability to learn and correctly operate a 
computer to: 
o Check out customer merchandise with the Point of Sale (POS) computer 
o Look up work related information 
o Use email to read and write business correspondence 
o Read and respond to employee related news, policies, updates, etc. 
o Ability to add, subtract, multiply and/or divide quickly and correctly with or without electronic assistance 
(i.e. calculator) 
• Strong Work Ethic – adhering to the moral benefit and importance of work and its inherent ability to strengthen 
• Stress Tolerance – accepting criticism and dealing calmly and effectively with high stress situations 
• Initiative – willingness to take on responsibilities and challenges 
• Attention to Detail – thorough in completing work tasks 
• Cooperation – being pleasant with others and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitude 
• Independence – self-guided, ability to work with little or no supervision and complete tasks/projects; closely 
related to Initiative and Work Ethic 
• Adaptability/Flexibility – being open to change (positive or negative) and to considerable variety 
• Time Management – the ability to manage one’s own time and prioritize projects 

• Must be willing and able to work assigned shift/schedule/provisory period as defined by supervision based on 
staffing needs 
• Must be able to provide reliable transportation for self to and from assigned worksite(s) 
o Transportation can include but is not limited to: self-transport, car-pooling, hired drivers, horse & buggy, 
bicycle, etc.   
o Neither Lehman’s nor Lehman’s supervision is responsible for securing or providing reliable 
transportation for this position 
• Must be willing and able to maintain proper attendance and punctuality standards 
• Must be reliable, responsible, and able to fulfill all employment obligations